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2023 AKS Hanmun Fellowship

2022-11-21 17:34
The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is pleased to announce the “AKS Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship.” As an important part of our mission is to nurture researchers, who will contribute to the development and globalization of Korean studies, the academy has organized the “2023 AKS Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship” for international scholars in Korean studies. Those who are interested in the following programs held by the AKS, which is the global hub sharing Korean studies with the world, are very welcome to apply.

1. Programs : Lectures, recitations, researches, and on-site tours (conducted in Korean)

2. Program Period
- 7th(Basic Course) : March 2 – June 20, 2023
- 8th(Advanced Course) : September 1 – December 21, 2023

3. Venue : The Academy of Korean Studies

4. Eligibility
- Undergraduates students, master's and doctoral degree students majoring in Korean Studies at overseas university(including candidates of master's or doctoral degrees)
- Korean nationals and graduates are ineligible for this program.
※ Advanced Korean language skills are required, as the program will be conducted in Korean.
※ Must have completed a basic Hanmun course to take the Advanced Course

5. Required Documents
1) For All Applicants:
- Application form (download the attached file)
- Certificate of enrollment (or completion)
- One letter of reference
※ Written by the applicant's academic adviser as to why the applicant needs knowledge of Chinese characters.
- Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) score report (if you have taken)
2) Additional Documents for Applicants of the Advanced Course (Choose one):
- A copy of transcript or certificate that can prove the applicant’s completion of a Hanmun course at his/her university (or from other programs)
- AKS Hanmun Fellowship Certificate of Completion
※ All documents should be written in Korean or English. If not, attach a Korean or English translation of documents that are notarized.

6. Application Period : November 15 – November 30, 2022

7. Application Method : Online application is available on the AKS homepage

8. Notification of the Acceptance : The result will be announced individually via e-mail on December 16, 2022.

9. Support
- Round-trip airfare (economy class) and support for living expenses (one million KRW per month)
- Accommodations (guesthouse located at the Academy of Korea Studies compound)
- Accident Insurance

10. Others
- Submit a study report until fifteen days before the end of the fellowship period.
- Support will not be provided to applicants who receive funds from other sources.

11. Contacts : The Center for International Affairs of the Academy of Korean Studies
- E-mail: